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Adcal Cricket Bat Sticker Printers
Cricket Bat Printing Specialists in the UK

Established for over 30 years, we produce high quality cricket bat stickers for a wide range of companies worldwide.

We supply some of the best known cricket bat manufacturers aswell as small specialist bat manufacturers with our sticker sets. We print mainly off our digital press which can print 6 colours including metallic foils and white. Using this process also cuts down printing time so we will have your labels back in the shortest time possible.

Contact us today for a competitive quote and expert assistance with any cricket bat sticker requirements

We have worked with Adcal for over 3 years and have been delighted with the service. No matter how big or small the order they have alway delivered our products on time and with exceptional quality,

Artwork Guidelines

When supplying your own artwork, we require as follows:
Quark 6.5, with fonts and logos supplied | Adobe Illustrator CS3 or below with all fonts converted to outlines | Adobe Indesign CS3 or below with all fonts converted to outlines | Photoshop CS3 or below files | Freehand MX | Press ready PDF files | EPS, JPEGS, TIFFS.