Anti Scuff Sheets, Protective Anti-Scuff Sheets


Cricket Bat Anti Scuff Protective Sheets

Our range of protective anti scuff sheets are the perfect covering for your bats. Giving added strength and resilience, these sheet will help to prolong your bats life.

Protective Edge Anti Scuff

This innovative anti scuff protection sheet is a matt polycarbonate with 3M 467 adhesive (PDF) and cover fibre cross weave tape down both edges.

These sheets are extremely durable and gives superb protection.

These sheets can also be overprinted with logos and or patterns.

Clearface Anti Scuff Sheet

These ultra thick clear protective anti scuff sheets provide excellent protection against cracks and dents. Our matt range is almost invisible on the bat and can be overprinted with logos and or patterns. Perfect if you have a nice looking bat , and you don't want to cover it up?

The product offers the following properties:

  • Excellent abrasion and chipping properties
  • Non yellowing
  • Excellent UV resistance and weathering properties
  • Self healing - If the film is cut, then it will scar but self heal
  • Total clean removal even after long periods of time.
  • Can be applied dry or using a mild soap solution, offering total transparency

We have the product tested in a climatic control chamber, where the product was subjected to 18 hours of daylight exposure at 63 Deg C and & 30% relative humidity and 6 hours of darkness at 35 Deg C, and 90% relative humidity. This was tested for a construction application on different manufacturers products. The film gave total clean removal, with no discolouration.

Download specification sheet (PDF)

Superb quality and great speed in delivery. Also love the way they are individually supplied. Saves hours on application compared to rolls!

Artwork Guidelines

When supplying your own artwork, we require as follows:
Quark 6.5, with fonts and logos supplied | Adobe Illustrator CS3 or below with all fonts converted to outlines | Adobe Indesign CS3 or below with all fonts converted to outlines | Photoshop CS3 or below files | Freehand MX | Press ready PDF files | EPS, JPEGS, TIFFS.